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Stock #: H6181
Model: XG500

Youve got 500cc of liquid-cooled Harley-Davidson V-twin engine and attitude ready to be unleashed on your city.

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle is an all-new 500cc liquid Harley-Davidson motorcycle built from the ground up for young urban riders. At the heart of the new Street 500 Dark Custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you and rsquo;ve got an all-new 494cc, liquid-cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine. The liquid-cooled Revolution X V-Twin engine is built to thrive in the hot temperatures and stop and go traffic of the city grid. The new Street 500 Harley-Davidson custom motorcycle is an easy-to-ride motorcycle that and rsquo;s quick and nimble on city streets. The Street 500 from Harley-Davidson features and easy lock-to-lock sweep of the handlebars for quick turns and moves. It has a low 24.5-inch seat height for an easy reach to the pavement The suspension on the Street 500 Harley motorcycle is specially tuned for this motorcycle and built to handle rough urban infrastructure. Like all Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Street 500 motorcycle is pure, premium Harley-Davidson. The Revolution X engine and black two into one exhaust produce authentic Harley-Davidson sound. The teardrop tank and fenders are metal. And, of course, you and rsquo;ve got premium Harley-Davidson paint and a chrome tank emblem. The Street 500 motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson Dark Custom motorcycle with a stripped down, blacked-out, street custom look. The new Revolution X engine is blacked-out. There and rsquo;s a black caf and eacute; style speed screen, black two into one exhaust, black fork gaiters and black cast aluminum wheels.

Features May Include:

  • All-New Liquid-Cooled Revolution X Engine

be365 体育投注The all-new liquid-cooled Revolution X engine that powers the Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle is 494 cubic centimeters of genuine Harley-Davidson V-Twin built to thrive in high temperatures and heavy traffic. Liquid-cooling means it maintains temperature and performance. Bring on the stop- and- go traffic. The Street 500 stays cool and ready to respond instantly to your throttle hand. And you can count on this: every cubic centimeter of the 494cc Revolution X engine is pure Harley-Davidson. 60 degree cylinders. 4 valves per head. And plenty of low-end torque. You don and rsquo;t have to be winding the RPMs up to five figures to feel the strength and character of this engine. It and rsquo;s built to give you a soul-satisfying ride at the kind of RPMs you find yourself riding at on city streets.

  • Six Speed Transmission

The new Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle gives you six gears to work with when you and rsquo;re out tearing up the city streets. A smooth-shifting 6 speed transmission makes it easy to stay in the powerband when traffic is stop-and-go. And when the road opens up, sixth gear let and rsquo;s you drop the engine into a nice, easy groove for a long, comfortable ride at highway speeds.

  • True Harley-Davidson Sound

Some motorcycles make noise. The Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle makes sound. The deep, thumping Harley-Davidson rumble that doesn and rsquo;t demand attention, but gets it anyway. We take the sound of every motorcycle we make very seriously. And tune it to perfection in our state-of-the-art sound facility in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin USA. When you hear the sound pouring out of the upswept muffler on the Street 500 model, you and rsquo;ll have no doubt we took the time to get it right. This is the note that instantly says and ldquo;Harley-Davidson and rdquo;. There is no mistaking it. Real, authentic and instantly credible on the street.

Odometer 507

Price: $4,399.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13212
Model: FLHTK

Upgrades include, 21 front wheel, Garmen GPS, Rinehart exhaust with stage 1 air cleaner.

The 2011 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK is a premium featured touring bike full of authentic Harley-Davidson grand American touring style. Some of the bikes premium features include: ABS brakes, heated hand grips, titanium face gauges, Tour-Pak inserts, a premium Tour-Pak luggage rack, 28-Spoke contrast chrome wheels, and special Ultra Limited identifier medallions.

Odometer 34664 mi

Price: $12,699.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13220
Model: FLSTF

The original fat custom icon with a burly style thats often imitated but never duplicated.

Features may include:

  • Fat Custom Style

Recalling the hardtail choppers of the 60s and 70s, the Fat Boy and reg; motorcycle keeps that heritage alive more than forty years later. This is the original fat custom bike and mdash;laid-back and luxurious with an unmistakable profile on the road. But the nostalgic style isnt just about the confident stance, chrome and old-school detail. Its how you look riding it. Its how it feels. Its the classic, relaxed riding position. Youre not just cruising. Youre in charge and mdash;kicked back on a throne of machined metal surveying your domain.

  • Fat Custom Tank Details

This tank makes a statement with its leather tank strap, chrome side badges, and chrome speedometer and ignition switch console. The Fat Boy and reg; model speedometer face boasts a big, bold display for the odometer and an ancillary display for gear and rpm, so all the info you need on the fly is yours at a glance.

  • Six-Speed Cruise Drive and reg; Transmission

be365 体育投注You want a ride that rumbles and mdash;not begs for mercy and mdash;when you lean on it a little. The Six-Speed Cruise Drive and reg; transmission provides smooth, quiet shifting and reduces engine speed on the highway, so you get a better match between engine turnover and road speed. Its a rare ride when a bike responds like this, and a low growl goes a long way when youre opening up the road ahead.

  • Anti-Lock Brakes

You may be cruising with swagger, but you know safety counts. This sophisticated, factory-installed ABS gives stopping power a double meaning. Youll turn heads with clean, streamlined design. But more importantly, you get certainty in the saddle knowing your bikes going to behave when you need it.

  • New Front Brake System

A new front brake system on the Softail and reg; models this year delivers a 40 percent reduction in the amount of lever force required at peak braking. The handlebar master and front cylinders have been restyled. Theres a new 4-piston fixed caliper with 32 and 34 mm pistons, premium caliper piston coating to minimize initial displacement and a larger 300 mm rotor. It all adds up to more stopping power with less effort.

  • Fat Dunlop and reg; Tires

Fatter is better. Rubber 140mm wide up front mitigates feedback from the street for a smoother ride. And the beefy 200mm rear tire provides a confident feeling of sure contact with the road and excellent traction under braking. And since theyre from Dunlop and reg;, you know youre wrapping your premium rollers in quality rubber.

  • Full-Length Rider Footboards

be365 体育投注Your boots were made for riding, in any way you see fit. Our full-length footboards boast a tried and true design thats stood the test of time. Plenty of foot positions for your taste and comfort. Rubber vibration isolation for a comfortable ride. And heel-toe shifting for confident shifting every time. It takes a few rides, but once youve gotten used to the smooth heel-toe rhythm, youll never give it up. The toes of your boots wont take the same beating, either.

  • Narrow Seat

be365 体育投注To go along with the low seat height, weve added some ergos to make sure every inch of low pays off in pleasurable riding. Weve slimmed up the seat itself. With the seat shape, lowdown frame and rigid powertrain, you can be sure youll feel a solid, comfortable connection with the bike and road.

Price: $13,899.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13247
Model: FLHXS

Super low miles!! The Hard Candy paint lights up in the sunlight!

Do you want plush, top-end touring technology and infotainment or unruly stripped down bagger style? We vote yes.

Rockin and rsquo; the miles made better than ever.

The Harley-Davidson Special model set the world standard for the stripped-down, hot rod look. Its style is often copied, but never duplicated. The all-new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine backs up the look with massive torque. The ride is unmatched as well, thanks to the all-new suspension and Reflex Linked Brembo brakes. The Special features the top-of-the-line 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with integrated GPS and the BOOM! and trade; Box 6.5 GT audio system, standard ABS, a gloss black inner fairing and color-matched fairing skirt. When it comes to the Street Glide Special motorcycle, nothing else comes close.

be365 体育投注Odometer 11269 mi

Price: $19,299.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13230

Great looking CVO!! This bike will look great in your garage.

The 2012 Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide is a high end performance motorcycle with Screamin Eagle power that gives you the ultimate in premium featured touring. This bike is powered by a Harley Screamin Eagle Twin Cam 110 Engine. This Twin Cam engine provides 110 cubic inches of power, a low cruising rpm, and lots of low end torque. Setting this bikes CVO Screamin Eagle engine apart from the rest is the granite powertrain. This Screamin Eagle performance motorcycle is custom touring at its finest. For an ultra comfortable ride the seat is heated. Take a good look at all of the premium features and components of this bike including the Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine and upgraded BOOM! high performance audio speakers.

Features may include:


be365 体育投注All the quality. All the legacy of the Harley-Davidson name. Plus custom touches and performance that distinguish you from every other bike on the road. Sure theres a little vanity. Premium custom paint. Big, tricked-out wheels. The perfect storm of engineering and style youll only find on a custom machine. And youll spoil yourself with the accessories and mdash;from comfort to electronics to chrome. But the real signature of a Harley-Davidson Custom Vehicle Operations motorcycle is the explosive power and sleek detailing of the huge Screamin Eagle engine. Its custom-built, not just for anyone, but for true connoisseurs of the road.


be365 体育投注The back end of the CVO and trade; Ultra Classic Electra Glide model demonstrates once again the premium style and innovative engineering youll find with the Custom Vehicle Operations at Harley-Davidson. The taillight features an integrated chrome wraparound brake light for a clean look. And with the LEDs, you get additional style, increased visual footprint at night and long-lasting light.


The premium custom look goes the distance on the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide model with the chrome dual exhaust. Featuring 4-inch touring mufflers, chrome billet end caps with black spears and chrome touring exhaust shields. Relish in the rumble and performance of these high-end pipes.


be365 体育投注Aggressive yet balanced, every element of the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide model is painstakingly designed to deliver the most luxurious riding experience and mdash;and that includes the chrome Chisel wheels with matching open rotors. With a 17-inch front wheel and a 16-inch in back, this Ultra boasts smooth, nimble handling no matter where your journey takes you.


Just like the most precious stone on Earth, the diamond-cut gauges on the CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide model speak to the custom, high-end look of the bike. Precise, crisp in every line, reading their displays reminds you every time that you are rolling on an exclusive motorcycle made by a legendary American company.

Odometer 58061 mi

Price: $14,999.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13250
Model: FLHX

The 2013 Harley-Davidson Street Glide model FLHX is equipped with an iconic bat wing fairing this custom hot-rod bagger an amazing Harley style that needs to be seen and ridden. The Harley Street Glide FLHX model has a 2-1-2 exhaust. Check out all of the H-D Street Glide FLHX model and rsquo;s specs and features and see why this bike is meant for motorcycle touring. Take a look at more of the Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles including the motorcycle luggage storage capacity of the Electra Glide Classic model or the Road Glide Ultra model ideal for motorcycle travel.

Classic Fuel Tank

Part of the unmistakable style of the Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycle is plenty of room for showing off your paint. This classically styled, bold six-gallon fuel tank doesnt just give you a bigger canvas for premium or custom paint; it holds six gallons of go so you can eat up a lot more road between pit stops. We know fuel economy is important and mdash;but so is style. Sharp, eye-catching colors and precision-crafted Harley-Davidson tank medallions complete the unique look of this tough bagger.

Twin Cam 103 Engine Heritage

The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when we created the Twin Cam 103 engine. We painstakingly perfected every cubic inch, pushing design and technology forward and mdash;all without compromising one bit of Harley-Davidsons unique styling. Evolved, yet carrying on the legacy of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, Twin Cam 88 and Twin Cam 96 engines that came before. The performance and durability are a direct result of the untold miles logged on the V-Twin since 1909, and the proud heritage that comes from a centurys worth of commitment to life on two wheels.

Harman/Kardon Advanced Audio System

Naturally, the king of the road gets some royal extras. The premium two-speaker, 20-watt per channel Harman/Kardon audio system boasts great sound for booming down the boulevard and highway, and, yeah, it might as well go to 11. Its loud, proud and comes with AM/FM receiver and accommodates a CD or MP3 player. Riding free just wouldnt be the same without the right soundtrack.

Dunlop Multi-Tread Tires

be365 体育投注The 180mm back tire is engineered to do more than fill out the rear fender and put a bigger patch of rubber on the road. Dunlop Multi-Tread and trade; technology uses harder compounds at the center and softer on the sides for a tire that still knows how to knuckle-down on corners. Perfect for making this bike agile on every curvy stretch of road. And the way it feels going through an abrupt off-camber turn will put a grin on your face thatll last to the next state line.

Two-Up Seating

be365 体育投注Modern styling and comfort that doesnt sacrifice an ounce of nostalgic style: This ultimate Touring saddle features a sculpted seat with a deeper contoured bucket and narrower neck, to relieve pressure on your thighs, while providing more back support and comfort for a wide variety of rider sizes. And the lower seat height and mdash;26.1 inches to be exact and mdash;puts your feet closer to the road to enhance your confidence. Additionally, the leather trim and premium stitching accentuate the advanced ergonomics while giving the seat that sharp detail you only find on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Its science in service of comfort, and your way to beat fatigue over the long haul.

and nbsp;

Price: $13,799.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13258
Model: XL1200L

Offering a preferred blend of performance, agility and ergonomics, the Sportster 1200 Low adds a recalibrated suspension and tire-hugging front fender for 2009. Powered by a fuel-injected 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine, the 1200 Low also features a pull-back handlebar, a low 26.3-inch seat height, and a 4.5-gallon fuel tank. Black 13-spoke Cast Aluminum wheels are not available on any other Sportster model sold in North America.

and nbsp;

Price: $6,299.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13257
Model: FLSTF

Great looking Fatboy with Hard bags.

Wrap your eyes around the Fat Boy, if you think you can. There and rsquo;s a whole lot to love here. It all starts up front with FL-style fork tubes and huge solo chrome headlight. Generous floorboards are welcoming of any boot size. A robust eighty-eight cubic inches of dual-counterbalanced Twin Cam goodness is available carbureted or in super-smooth EFI.

The engine belts out its baritone song through a set of shotgun pipes. And the broad tires on Silver Aluminum Disc wheels take all this beef to the road in a style like no other. If you and rsquo;re ready for something bigger than life, get in the saddle of a Fat Boy. Once you do, the grin on your face will no doubt get bigger, too.

and nbsp;

Price: $7,199.00
Deposit: $500.00

Stock #: U13272
Model: FLD

Easily convertible from cruising to touring, its like two bikes in one, with no compromises.

Features may include:

  • Heritage Detailing

The Switchback and trade; models classic retro features have a contemporary look that and rsquo;ll never be lost in the crowd. From its hallmark chromed out headlamp nacelle and its mini and ldquo;ape hanger and rdquo; handlebars, to its tank console with 5-inch speedo. This bike makes a modern visual statement that and rsquo;s truly rooted in Harley-Davidson heritage.

  • Cast Aluminum Wheels with Full Wrap Fenders

be365 体育投注These full fenders do more than keep the mud off during your long hauls and mdash;they add to the Switchback and trade; models unique, classic-contemporary profile. And neither are the 5-spoke hot-rod wheels just for show: they may be eye-catching, but their cast aluminum construction and balanced engineering enhance the bikes confident handling.

  • Convertible Features, Classic Styling

Your riding moods change and mdash;so let them. With its detachable windshield and saddlebags, the Switchback and trade; motorcycle can make the switch from cruising to touring or back in seconds. Easily take them off for a powerful, head-turning street cruiser. Re-attach them for a comfortable, light-handling tourer that definitely goes the distance. And its clean styling brings vintage Harley-Davidson simplicity to todays roads in a look that defines classic: true to its roots yet completely contemporary. The Switchback and trade; motorcycle is like having two bikes in one: a union of opposites that makes no compromises.

  • Twin Cam 103 and trade; Engine Heritage

The knowledge of what makes an engine truly move a rider runs deep at The Motor Company, and it was put to good use when we created the Twin Cam 103 and trade; engine. We sweated bullets perfecting every cubic inch, pushing design and technology forward. And we did it all without compromising one bit of Harley-Davidsons unique styling. Evolved, yet carrying on the legacy of the Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution and reg; and Twin Cam 88 and reg; and Twin Cam 96 and reg; engines that came before. The performance and durability are a direct result of the untold miles logged on the V-Twin since 1909 and the proud heritage that comes from a centurys worth of commitment to life on two wheels.

  • Standard Anti-lock Brakes

be365 体育投注Our anti-lock brakes give and ldquo;stopping power and rdquo; a double meaning. We keep our ABS components tastefully stylized within the wheel hub, so youll turn heads with clean, streamlined design. But more importantly, you get certainty in the saddle knowing your bikes going to behave when you need it.

  • Two-Up Seat

be365 体育投注Nostalgic style meets contemporary sleekness and comfort in this deeply contoured, narrow-necked bucket. This saddle relieves pressure on your thighs, while providing back support and comfort, along with plenty of room for your friend to ride along. Additionally, premium stitching accentuates the advanced ergonomics with that sharp detail you only find on a Harley-Davidson and reg; motorcycle. Its science in service of comfort, for the short cruise and the long haul.

  • Light Weight Chassis

be365 体育投注You and rsquo;re moving with monster power, but the Switchback is no monster to control. The chassis is tuned for a light-weight feel and easy handling and mdash;in fact this is the lightest custom touring chassis available in its class and mdash;so you can move and maneuver nimbly, with complete confidence, in all driving conditions. Even getting it on or off its stand is easy.

and nbsp;

Price: $10,299.00
Deposit: $500.00